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A Deeper Analysis: Gender Pay Gap

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Discrimination And Bias In Hiring And Pay Decisions:

Gender bias at both a conscious and unconscious level is still very much alive around the world.

Although, a study by Harvard Business Review found that women in the US actually rank more highly than men in 12 out of the top 16 leadership qualities – including problem solving, communication skills and innovativeness. Yet women are consistently overlooked by employers, who still tend to view men as being more competent.

Bonuses (Bonus Pay Gap)

Not only are women being short-changed when it comes to hiring decisions and negotiating salaries – we’re also receiving less in performance bonuses. An Australian study by Mercer found that men were receiving up to 35 percent more in performance bonuses than women, despite receiving the same performance rating.

Working In Different Industries, With Female-Dominated Industries Attracting Lower Wages:

Many discuss how women choose to go into lower-paid industries including childcare, social work, teaching and nursing, but few question why these female-dominated industries attract lower wages in the first place.

A study that looked at US census data between 1950 and 2000 found when women entered a previously male-dominated industry, the average salary dropped. These findings led many social scientists to suggest that factors such as gender bias and social pressure not only devalue “women’s work”, but also discourage women from pursuing higher-paid, male-dominated jobs.


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