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Turning Passion Into Action

Period Poverty is a pressing issue as many women struggle to afford feminine hygiene products. Here at GENEQU, we are directing our efforts towards fighting period poverty and erasing the stigma surrounding menstruation- a completely natural process. As our decade-long campaign, we have committed to assembling two thousand and thirty care packages consisting of pads, tampons and sanitary wipes by the year 2030 and distributing them to Women's Shelters across Manitoba. The shelters that the care packages are donated to, help women who've escaped domestic violence get back on their feet. Unfortunately, due to covid, the domestic violence rates alarmingly increased, and the shelters were at capacity. Therefore, they were critically low on these products, and our care packages were delivered at a time of need. These packages carried essential products for those individuals and helped them on their journey to building a new life for themselves. On a separate note, if we want to advance Gender Equality, it is critical to understand the fact that feeling safe and secure while menstruating is a right, not a privilege!

Period Pouch


So far, we've donated 600 menstrual hygiene care packages to Westman's Women's Shelter located in Brandon, Nova House located in Selkirk and Willow Place and Ikwe, located in Winnipeg. These programs provide a safe and supportive environment for physically, emotionally or sexually abused women and their children.

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