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Leading an Inspire Session at the Girl Up Leadership Summit

An inspire session is a 20-minute session where you present and lead a discussion about a topic that you're passionate about. I chose to speak about integrating immigrant women because I felt it wasn't a topic widely discussed. I also chose this topic because my mom is an immigrant who has shared her stories and experiences with me. I realized that if we want to build a strong and equal world for women, it has to start with us. Some of the questions I talked about were: Why do women immigrate? What challenges do women face after immigration? How can you help integrating immigration women- our role as a modern society? The girls at my table keenly listened as I presented, which gave me confidence in what I was doing. I answered some questions at the end, provided girls with ways to help and resources to share. Leading that inspire session enhanced my confidence and self-esteem. It was an excellent opportunity which I am glad to have taken.


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