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Advocacy Terms: Simplified

Throughout GENEQU's Website, you'll see these important terms scattered around, so what do they mean?


A person who leverages their privileges to amplify marginalized voices as they stand in solidarity with those in the fight against oppression. Allyship actions are defined by the community leading the struggle for liberation, not the ally themselves.

Civic Participation

Any individual or group activity addressing issues of public concern. Citizens acting alone or together to protect shared values or make a change or difference in the community are common civic engagement types.


The concept of fair treatment; recognizing that not all individuals start from the same place as far as access and opportunities.


The state of being accepted and treated as equal, especially regarding access to opportunities, status and rights, across social, political and economic spheres.


Intersectionality refers to the ways race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, status and other markers of differences intersect to form individual realities, and lived experiences.


Unfairness; a situation in which some people gain privileges simply because they are members of a group defined by race, wealth, sexual orientation or other factors. Those who are not members of these groups are denied the same treatment.


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